Networked Globe briefing — 14 March 2014

Standardised access platforms and security solutions are today’s Internet of Things news.

Intel, Advantech and Wind River Announce IoT Fitness Console

Intel, Advantech and Wind River have developed an integrated hardware and software platform for fitness equipment manufacturers to integrate the applications consumers demand. The fitness console is built on a standard, open framework to enable the next generation of the IoT-ready fitness equipment.

Netop releases SecureM2M secure tunnel solution

Netop has release a secure tunnelling product, SecureM2M for IoT product developers, system integrators and IT and network professionals in both software and hardware formats.

SecureM2M creates easy-to-deploy secure access into industrial controls, building automation, HVAC and SCADA systems. The product is aimed at maritime, natural resources and other industries where devices are remotely deployed and connected via satellite.

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Paul Wallbank is the founding editor of Networked Globe and has nearly twenty years experience of working in and reporting on computers, the internet and the future of our connected society.