Networked Globe Briefing – 28 March 2014

Today’s Network Globe briefing covers South Korea Telecom’s 30-year plan to dominate the country’s Internet of Things sector, a new IoT data platform and the tech industry’s giants getting together in a new Industrial Internet Consortium.

Tech Giants form Industrial Internet Consortium

AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel have announced the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an open membership group formed to support better access to big data. The consortium will enable organizations to more easily connect and optimize assets, operations and data to drive agility and to unlock business value across all industrial sectors.

The IIC is a not-for-profit group with an open membership with a charter to encourage innovation in the sector and is open to any business, organization or entity with an interest in accelerating the Industrial Internet.

Founding members, AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel will hold permanent seats on the IIC Steering Committee along with four other elected members. The Steering Committee will provide leadership and governance to help organizations capitalize on this vast opportunity.

The fee structure and membership application forms are available at

South Korea Telecom to focus on IoE and big data

The South Korean Times reports national telco SK Telecom said Thursday it will focus on a shift toward the so-called Internet of Everything (IoE) and big data business as part of its vision for the next 30 years.

“We will prepare for the next 30 years with new challenges and innovations, and with a vocation. We will make greater efforts to build a better ICT ecosystem and share our growth with the industry and consumers,” SK Telecom CEO Ha Sung-min is quoting as saying.

The company also expects to find new opportunities in the use of big data and stated its continuee focus on the research and development of next generation communication protocols, advanced network systems and infrastructure.

PrismTech announces data sharing platform

Distributed systems software vendor PrismTech has announced Vortex, an data-sharing platform for business-critical IoT systems.

Vortex provides efficient, secure and interoperable real-time Device to Device (D2D) and Device to Cloud information sharing. It is a key enabler for systems that have to reliably and securely deliver high volumes of real-time data with stringent end-to-end qualities-of-service (QoS).

Vortex enables an IoT global data space with over 20 configurable Qualities of Service (QoS) to ensure the performance, efficiency and robustness required of business-critical systems.

The Vortex platform includes components to connect mobile devices (Vortex Cafe), connected sensors and machines (Vortex Lite), Cloud services (Vortex Cloud), browsers (Vortex Web), enterprise systems (OpenSplice) and existing complementary systems (Vortex Gateway). Any or all of these components can be acquired as part of various Vortex bundles.

The Vortex family comes with a complete set of tools in support of the systems development and management tasks (e.g. for configuring, testing, optimizing, monitoring and recording system behavior) and provides a rich and open API for integration with other IoT application platform technologies (such as IDEs, Java EE application servers or analytics engines for example).

The Vortex product family is planned to be generally available in June 2014. The availability of Vortex will not affect PrismTech’s OpenSplice users other than offering them the upgrade potential of adding Vortex capabilities to their current systems.

About the author

Paul Wallbank is the founding editor of Networked Globe and has nearly twenty years experience of working in and reporting on computers, the internet and the future of our connected society.