Networked Globe Briefing – 27 May 2014

Today’s news is dominated by a Financial Times report that Apple plans to launch a home automation system next week, Chinese vendor Huawei expands its Agile network and Teleena releases details of its ‘white label’ global SIM service.

Apple to launch a home automation service

Tech industry giant Apple is to launch a home automation service at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference next week reports the Financial Times.

Following Google, Samsung and Microsoft in moving into the internet of things, the FT cites anonymous sources who say Apple’s software platform would turn the iPhone into a remote control for lights, security systems and other household appliances.

Should the reports be true, the Apple home automation platform will fit in alongside the company’s smartcar platform and its iBeacon technologies.

Huawei to extend its Agile Network

At the Huawei Network Congress in Beijing, the Chinese telecommunications vendor announced new partnerships for its Agile network which has been deployed in nearly 200 networks across seven industries since its launch last year.

“The age of connection has arrived and become a brand-new steady state,” said William Xu, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Marketing Officer told the conference’s opening keynote.

At HNC 2014, Huawei is showing an end-to-end Agile Network architecture consisting of Agile Branch, Agile Campus, Agile Data Center, and Agile Wide Area Network (WAN), with the core of the architecture being the Huawei Agile Controller.

Teleena launches global SIM roaming service

Global mobile provider Teleena has announced its Global Mobile Data Service (GMDS), a ‘white label’ service enabling mobile device manufacturers, machine-to-machine service providers and other organisations to act as a virtual global mobile operator.

GMDS is powered by Teleena’s Smart SIM, a network-agnostic platform that enables card-based, embedded and software-based SIMs to be programmed to register onto any of the 200 networks the company has agreements with.

“Our Smart SIM technology and carrier partnerships allow any device to connect to the Internet anywhere, any time,” said Timo Smit, Teleena co-founder and Business Development Director, “GMDS opens up myriad opportunities for mobile operators, device makers, brands and applications providers to drive more value to subscribers through affordable global mobile services.”

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Paul Wallbank is the founding editor of Networked Globe and has nearly twenty years experience of working in and reporting on computers, the internet and the future of our connected society.