Huawei buys British IoT champion Neul

Chinese telco giant Huawei’s acquisition of British IoT champion Neul is a major step for the PRC based vendor in its Internet of Things ambitions.

Hauwei’s purchase of the Cambridge based wireless communications company for £25 million last week is clear indication that China’s leading telecommunications supplier sees the IoT being a large part of the business’ future.

For Neul, best know for its joint venture to provide a wireless mesh M2M network to the town of Milton Keynes and its intelligent bin sensor project, the purchase gives the company’s technology a better chance of succeeding now in the market place.

A problem that will now face many regulators is allowing Hauwei into their marketplaces as for years the company has been dogged with accusations of close links to Chinese security agencies which has seen it being disqualified from US contracts and banned from the Australian National Broadband Network.

The biggest winner in this purchase is the UK government and its ambitions to be one of the global centres of the IoT industry, with this purchase being part of the £1.3 billion Huawei intends to invest in British technology that the company reportedly flagged to UK Business Secretary Vince Cable last month.


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Paul Wallbank is the founding editor of Networked Globe and has nearly twenty years experience of working in and reporting on computers, the internet and the future of our connected society.