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Kickstarting tomorrow’s smarthome

Internet of Things startup Ninja Blocks wants to become the controller for tomorrow’s smarthome.


Commoditising the smartphone market

The launch of a $25 Firefox phone threatens to disrupt the entire smartphone market

ford interior

Microsoft struggles with in car technologies

Microsoft Windows faces further challenges as it loses market share and revenue in the automotive market


Learning to ask the right questions

What a three time Oscar winner can tell us about managing the data generated from the Internet of Machines


Opening the internet of things to small business

Is the small business sector being neglected by the IoT sector?


Boosting vehicle to vehicle communications

The US approval of vehicle to vehicle technology may unleash a wave of car manufacturer innovation.


Marc Benioff’s toothbrush and the World Economic Forum

The world’s business and economic leaders learned a lot from Marc Benioff’s toothbrush at the World Economic Forum


Apple’s Retail Beacon

What does Apple have planned for their iBeacon technology?


Trust and the internet of things

Last week’s Cisco’s 2014 annual security report and the claim that connected fridges are sending spam were timely warning about how fragile trust is with the Internet of Things


An Instagram moment for the Internet of Things

Google’s $3.2bn acquisition of Nest could be a turning point for the Internet of Things industry