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Trust and the internet of things

Last week’s Cisco’s 2014 annual security report and the claim that connected fridges are sending spam were timely warning about how fragile trust is with the Internet of Things


An Instagram moment for the Internet of Things

Google’s $3.2bn acquisition of Nest could be a turning point for the Internet of Things industry


Tolling the IoT: Who foots the bill for the internet of things?

Who will make the money from tolling traffic on the internet of things?

IOT Connected Vending machine

Connecting the vending machine

Connecting vending machines with the internet of things


Can the Internet of Things save the world economy?

Marco Annunziata, chief economist of US industrial giant GE believes the IoT can help grow the world economy


A swarm of electronic dragonflies

Spanish startup Libelium has installed their sensors into everything from space ships to koala bears.

The Golden Fish outside the Arts Hotel in Barcelona

A geek’s tour of Barcelona

How Barcelona is using smart devices to make their city better.


Breaking the break-fix business model

Fixing broken products was a profitable business for many companies, the Internet of Everything is changing that industry model.