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The real thing behind the internet of things

We need to think beyond technology to get value the real value from the internet of things says Alicia Asin, the CEO and co-founder of Spanish sensor company Libelium.


Have we over-consumerised IT?

One of the phenomenons of the modern technology industry is the ‘consumerisation of IT’, but have we taken that trend too far?


The ghost in the internet of machines

What happens when your internet connected egg tray gets a virus?

secure data

Will the internet’s insecurities damage economic growth?

Online security problems are chronic and costing our economies billions claim researchers.


ABC Nightlife Computers – explaining the internet of things

For the November 2013 Nightlife, we look at the Internet of things and smart cities

Antoni Vives Deputy Mayor of Barcelona

Building smart cities

Barcelona has a big vision for the city’s future as Deputy Mayor Antoni Vires describes.


A swarm of electronic dragonflies

Spanish startup Libelium has installed their sensors into everything from space ships to koala bears.

IT becomes the plumbing

As the internet of everything and cloud computing takes over, IT is becoming just like the plumbing. This is a good thing.

The Golden Fish outside the Arts Hotel in Barcelona

A geek’s tour of Barcelona

How Barcelona is using smart devices to make their city better.