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Networked Globe Briefing – 22 April 2014

What happens when your smart kettle can’t connect, Libelium launches a low powered bluetooth Waspmote module and Jasper raises $50 million capital to fuel growth


Networked Globe Briefing – 2 April 2014

IBM announceme the 2014 Smarter Cities Challenge winners, electric car manufacturer Tesla signs deal with Telefonica and Intel make a range of IoT and M2M investments.

Shoreditch grind on London's Silicon Roundabout

London’s quest to lead Europe’s tech industry

The UK Prime Minister has made a bold bid for the British capital to lead Europe’s tech industry.


Network Globe Briefing – 17 January 2014

Google’s release of a smart contact lens prototype dominates the IoT news today.


An Instagram moment for the Internet of Things

Google’s $3.2bn acquisition of Nest could be a turning point for the Internet of Things industry


Abolishing the service visit

Will the internet of things change the way we service our cars and industrial equipment?

The Golden Fish outside the Arts Hotel in Barcelona

A geek’s tour of Barcelona

How Barcelona is using smart devices to make their city better.


Lessons in crowdfunding from an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign

Crowdfunding is in its early days and Moore’s Cloud founder Mark Pesce explains some of the lessons we have to learn about this new way of raising capital.