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Networked Globe Briefing – 8 April 2014

Today’s Networked Globe briefing looks at Microsoft’s concept in car systems, Telstra launching an M2M university competition and new releases in wearables and networks.


Networked Globe Briefing – 5 March 2014

Today’s Networked Globe briefing covers Oracle’s 2014 Developer Challenge, a range of satellite M2M announcements and Gemalto’s online community initiative.


Kickstarting tomorrow’s smarthome

Internet of Things startup Ninja Blocks wants to become the controller for tomorrow’s smarthome.


Networked Globe Briefing – 24 February 2014

Smartphones and operating systems dominate today’s Network Globe briefing for IoT and M2M news.


Networked Globe Briefing – 5 February 2014

US home builders offer smarthome options to buyers, Canadian retailers get mobile data services and the IPSO Challenge 2014 opens for device developers.


Networked Globe briefing – 28 January 2014

Apple, energy conservation and M2M acquisitions dominate today’s IoT news


Trust and the internet of things

Last week’s Cisco’s 2014 annual security report and the claim that connected fridges are sending spam were timely warning about how fragile trust is with the Internet of Things


Networked Globe Briefing – 23 January 2014

Mobile World Congress announcements and Asian alliances dominated today’s Networked Globe briefing while Verizon announces another profit.


Networked Globe Briefing – 15 January 2014

Ruggedised hardware, Gulf M2M services and Bosch expanding M2M services are today’s headlines in the M2M world


An Instagram moment for the Internet of Things

Google’s $3.2bn acquisition of Nest could be a turning point for the Internet of Things industry