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Networked Globe Briefing – 28 March 2014

South Korea Telecom 30 year plan to dominate the country’s Internet of Things sector, a new IoT data platform and a new Industrial Internet Consortium.


Formula One and the quest for understanding

Big data and the internet of thing is essential for the modern Formula One car, Team Lotus’ Technical Director Nick Chester says


Networked Globe briefing – 26 February 2014

Cloud IoT platforms, vehicle communications, Indonesian cloud and Chinese chipset deals are today’s Networked Globe news


Networked Globe Briefing – 10 February 2014

This weekend’s IoT and M2M news includes out of the box integration packages, Italian mesh sensor networks and 3D tracking for automobiles in carparks and similar applications.


Networked Globe Briefing – 5 February 2014

US home builders offer smarthome options to buyers, Canadian retailers get mobile data services and the IPSO Challenge 2014 opens for device developers.


Trust and the internet of things

Last week’s Cisco’s 2014 annual security report and the claim that connected fridges are sending spam were timely warning about how fragile trust is with the Internet of Things


Networked Globe Briefing – 21 January 2014

Competitions for transport app developers, Catalonian high school students developing applications and the Alliance for Affordable Internet expanding dominate today’s IoT news.

Gary Shapiro, CEA's President and CEO, introduces the Intel keynote address at the 2014 CES.

Networked Globe briefs – 10 January 2014

Security issues, reclaiming oil and heterogeneous networks are the focus of today’s news


Tolling the IoT: Who foots the bill for the internet of things?

Who will make the money from tolling traffic on the internet of things?

Lifeband Touch

Networked Globe briefs – 9 January 2014

Cisco registers domains, BMW shows off driverless cars while CES moves onto medical devices