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Networked Globe Briefing – 11 April 2014

Intel restructures, microprocessor startup raises $17million and Texas Instruments launches a new cloud ecosystem.


Networked Globe briefing – 18 March 2014

Formula One teams use of the internet of things, the launch of an M2M startup in Europe and Vodafone’s acquisition of Spanish cable operator Ono dominates todays IoT news

Dreamforce 2012 conference banner

How the Internet of Things can change customer service

Salesforce’s Alex Bard explains how he sees the Internet of Things and social media changing customer service.


Kickstarting tomorrow’s smarthome

Internet of Things startup Ninja Blocks wants to become the controller for tomorrow’s smarthome.


A swarm of electronic dragonflies

Spanish startup Libelium has installed their sensors into everything from space ships to koala bears.


Lessons in crowdfunding from an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign

Crowdfunding is in its early days and Moore’s Cloud founder Mark Pesce explains some of the lessons we have to learn about this new way of raising capital.